Ostrapark: Dresden's prime location

Lageplan Ostrapark Dresden

Capacity overview

Area Reception Banquet Parliamentary Rows
Erlwein-Capitol 1.600 1.600 750 750 800
Floating Stage 90

Lake House 200 180 100 90 135
Erlwein-Forum 4.700 4.000 2.800 1.200 2.800
Outdoor 4.000 4.000

Parking/Open space

This complex in the centre of Dresden was nearly forgotten for decades, but today it is an innovative centre for cultural events.

The new cultural events centre dots the proverbial of this reputation: Ostrapark features a variety of flexibly usable event locations. Around 40,000 m² covers the entire indoor and outdoor area, and their fusion enables diverse uses and completely new event concepts. The individual event halls and outdoor areas may be selected like modules or the area may be utilised completely. Up to 6,000 guests may meet and celebrate here connected by excellent logistics, modern technology, and a grandiose Floating Stage, making this location so unique.

An oasis of flair at the heart of Dresden

This former cattle and sheep stall awoke from its sleeping beauty's slumber three years ago. On the one hand, the perfect location is fascinating because of its proximity to the old city, to the highway, and to the streetcar line built here especially for this purpose. On the other hand, visitors are always surprised by the nearly rural calm on Ostra Island, which makes it ideal for large open-air events that are free of noise pollution regulations common within the city.

Germany hardly features any other inner-city location with indoor and outdoor areas of this size and in such a harmonious configuration. Where else can you hold open-air events in the middle of the city in a location that's free of noise pollution regulations? Our concept is intended to highlight this unique character. And our customers say that today, the Ostrapark area is first-class.

An extraordinary fusion of indoor and outdoor areas

The heart of the new event centre is the former cattle stall, which features a total area of 2,000 square metres. This has been rebuilt as a flexible event hall, and as the "Erlwein-Capitol", it is an homage to the famous city building director.
An architectural trick enables the close fusion of interior and outdoor areas; two seven metre wide rolling glass gates provide a view over an idyllic pond framed by a wooden balcony, reeds, and water lilies. Located directly on the banks, the Lake House is an inviting location not only for events like for receptions and kick-off meetings, but also weddings and small-scale events.

The immediate proximity to the Erlwein-Capitol and Lake House and the flexible rolling gates enable a close fusion of both locations to provide a single event area featuring an ideal separation between the interior and open-air areas. The lake plays an important role in this concept, since it is home to the foundation of a flexible floating stage and the unique productions of concerts and other dance performances. When positioned slightly below the surface of the water, the artists seem to hover above the water.

Renowned companies have already praised the Ostrapark as a charming location. In 2012, Volvo and 2,000 guests celebrated the European presentation of the new Volvo V40, and in 2013, Germany's association of local savings banks and 1,200 guests celebrated here with an open-air BBQ. The 2013 Neurologist's Conference used the combined indoor and outdoor areas to host 2,500 participants.

In autumn 2014, the new Erlwein-Forum opened and features over 5,000 m² of covered area. It is the ideal location for fairs and exhibitions for up to 4,000 people and also suitable for congresses for up to 2,400 guests. Due to a smart partition wall system, the location is individually divisible into smaller units.

Thanks to the newly constructed streetcar line, visitors can reach the city centre in a few minutes. The stop is right in front of the doors. Visitors travelling by car only need three minutes to reach the old city and a wide range of hotels in every category, all with very good prices for the quality. In total, 1,000 parking spaces are available in the complex. Ostrapark also features a heliport so that special guests can arrive and depart quickly.

Upon request, complete event management is available from First Class Concept GmbH Dresden

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